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Enjoy these gifts from our hearts, to yours

Gifts from our hearts to yours

We hope you enjoy these gifts to inspire you on your journey

We created Pure Lotus with the intention to support the community to rise. You may already be part of our free Facebook group for you to connect with like minded souls? If not we would love to have you with us. On this page find details on how to join, and we also have a few give-aways, including an e-book and meditation….

Facebook Community

Join the free Facebook Community to connect with like minded souls. We have created this group to inspire you to listen to your body, and find emotional freedom. This group is a safe space to share your vulnerable heart, and an opportunity to learn from each other. We invite you too ask questions and make friends, as you learn how to detox on every level. It’s time to live a life of freedom, where you feel good in your body. The beautiful community will be there for you and your healing journey every step of the way.

An e-book for your health

‘Knowing How to Eat’ is a guide created for you to find liberation during meal times. This free e-book covers the fundamentals of nutrition, the basics of mindful eating, and possible answers to your digestive issues. Whether you have been eating clean your whole life, or you are new to the game, expect to discover something new as you explore the depths of this book.

Guided meditation

At Pure Lotus take meditation extremely serious. We feel it is a popularized tool that most are aware of, yet very few truly apply it to their lives. So we created this free guided meditation for you to immerse into. The focus with this meditation is grounding your internal world, by connecting to the earth surrounding you. Love yourself by making time for you to separate from the outside world and all distractions for just ten minutes! Tune into the frequency we have provided for you. Let us take you for a ride.