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Offerings for your soul

Offerings for your Soul

It's an honour to share our offerings with you...

Pure Lotus was created with the intention to support the community to rise. We have created a free Facebook group for you to connect with like minded souls, and physical and emotional detox retreats around the world for when you are ready to deep dive into reconnecting with your souls purpose. We are also excited to announce the release of our first book “From Fear to Intuition”.

Love, Health & Abundance Mentorship with Jodie Louise

Are you ready to love yourself unconditionally, feel healthier than you ever imagined and live the life of your dreams?

It is my highest joy to offer this 1 to 1 Mentorship Program to you! I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to support you in your journey. As your life coach I will guide you connect to your true essence, embody more confidence, create a clear vision, and rise into a more healthy, abundant, and fulfilled version of yourself! By exploring the three pillars of Love, Health, and Abundance, we will create a custom program for you that will provide you with all the tools you need to feel empowered, peaceful, worthy, and successful.

Your dream life is possible, and I am here to support you every step of the way. I understand how overwhelming life can be. I got stuck in the spiral of not living with purpose, addictions, and having no idea who I was. I was so confused about how to eat, who to spend time with, and what I wanted to do with my career. So I tried it all. I was lost in the “matrix” for so long, but eventually I found myself. Now I am here to help you do the same.


Jodie Louise xx

An e-book to turn your fears to intuition, & make your dreams come true

Fear is the unspoken language of our shadow. We honour fear, rather than embodying our intuition. We hold fear within our bodies, which impairs our decision making, and blocks the ability to clearly access our intuition.

In this e-book we guide you to deconstruct the fear that is holding you hostage from living your truth. We have provided easy steps to clear your intuitive channels, and guide you home to your heart’s desires.

Turning your fears to intuition, is about learning to listen to your soul, and letting it guide you down your destined path. It’s finally allowing your heart to sing, and not letting your fears stand in your way of your dreams.

Your intuition is the remedy to reconnect with your soul’s purpose. Imagine what it would feel like to fully trust yourself.

A Bali Retreat for Women

Do you want to be able to trust in your intuition, step into your souls purpose, and experience Bali’s culture?

Join us for this life changing Bali retreat for women, where you will learn the language of your heart with practices we have gathered from around the world to ‘Ignite Your Intuition’.

Together we will create a sacred space to balance and detox to enable you to decode the language of your body.  We guide you to tap into your intuitive powers while supporting you with your goals, fears, aspirations, traumas & desires to let go of what no longer serves you & welcome your full expression to shine. You will gain tools and practices on this Bali retreat to help you to create your own rituals to take home.

Are you ready? 

Connect with like minded souls and rise up together

We have created this free online community Facebook group to inspire you to listen to your body and find emotional freedom. This group is a safe space to share your vulnerable heart, and an opportunity to learn from each other. We invite you too ask questions, make friends and learn how to detox on every level to live a life of mental freedom where you feel good in your body. The beautiful community will be there for you and your healing journey every step of the way. We look forward to watching you rise with us!